Bots are returning to RuneScape Gold following the bot’s nuke. Jagex should instead concentrate on why people are botting, and they can knock out the majority of bots, only leaving the gold sellers and other players who are just using bots to make money on their own.

Combat training should not be a painful experience. This is the way to stop “pkbotters”. This is possible by introducing things that are aimed specifically at pkers as well as other grinding players, like creating a game where you get monetary rewards for fighting well against people and not just rewards for tradeable or experience.

While you could argue that this will create a ripple effect in the economy, I’m certain that most pkers will buy many supplies prior to when they start Pking. Then they would send their money to vendors of common pking supplies. A slight increase in the price of pking supplies is not likely to create any significant problems, since many items are affordable due to botting.

This could solve the problem of pkers who have to work for money, before reverting to botting. Now, pkers have capital to start their own pk bank and the knowledge to get started with pking. This can also decrease the demand for selling and trading accounts. This is something I might expand on later.

I’m finding it a lot harder to get the XP rates for every skill in order to make a fair adjustment that is based on the natural XP rate limits. What do you think about potential training strategies for players with Buy OSRS Gold a higher level of skill and what’s the XP/h base rate for each skill?

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