Since the Jad himself wasn’t dangerous enough, Jagex created even more challenging versions of Buy RuneScape Gold the fight cave, called Inferno. There players can meet Tz-Kal Zukwho has a Combat Level of 1400. This boss is available as the Slayer task after the first success of the Inferno.

If he’s killed on any task, he rewards player with over 100k experience in the Slayer skill. If they manage to overcome this beast will receive the Infernal Cape which is the most powerful melee cape available in the game. Since the cape isn’t tradeable and cannot be traded, there’s no reason to fight this monster more than once , outside of the Slayer mission.

Welcome to the OSRS Minigames guide where you will learn more about the tiny activities that are available in Old School RuneScape. Below , we’ll list every single one of them and give you a short overview of what they are and what you can expect by playing the minigames. Let’s get directly into the instructions.

MINIGAMES GENERAL OVERVIEW. Many Old School RuneScape players are not aware of the concept behind minigames designed by Jagex. They were developed a many years ago to provide the players of Gielinor quick tasks they can complete for various rewards.

Minigames revolve around the idea of OSRS Fire Cape being short , but not too lengthy. Most of them also has designed puzzles and require completion of a specific goal. Rewards usually consist of experience lamps or small items.

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