SALPET Pet Supplements are made with premium Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon and are the only salmon oil and salmon protein powder products available in Australia. SALPET salmon oil and protein powder are high quality all natural products sourced from the pure crystal clear waters of Tasmania. SALPET supplements provide a rich source of marine based triglycerides; Omega fatty acids, (Omega 3, 6 & 9) and protein which help support the agility, vitality, health and wellness of your pet.SALPET Salmon products are pure and natural made only from Atlantic Salmon from the crystal clear waters of Tasmania with the addition of Naturox, a natural antioxidant with a proven track record of stabilising a wide variety of pet food products across the globe.SALPET is unique because it’s made only from Tasmanian Salmon unlike all other fish oils and fish powders currently available in Australia.SALPET Salmon Powder is a rich source of protein, (69%) making it an ideal feed supplement for your pet to help build muscle and maintain a healthy immune system.

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