We are a Mower and Power Equipment sales and repair store that prides its self on being something different.  We don’t belief that one size fits all and we have noticed the major brands like Victa, Rover etc are being sold through the major chain stores.  The products are on display and you pick them and buy them and there is no advice, no personal service and no support if something goes wrong. No different than buying a jar of vegemite.  We are like a boutique clothing store as compared to Kmart. If you buy a new mower from us and it is a four stroke, we put the oil in the engine and start it for you and make sure that it runs.  We won’t sell you something that doesn’t suit your needs.  The same with whipper snippers, hedger and all other power equipment.  We will service it for you and sell you any consumables such as mower blades, primer bulbs, whipper snipper cord.  We believe in good old fashioned customer service.

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