When you are looking for a green grocer, make Murgon Fruit Mart your first stop. We are a comprehensive fruit and vegetable retailer, providing Murgon’s freshest produce at Murgon’s best prices.
We pride ourselves on stocking the finest seasonal produce at our store. Our commitment to freshness and quality is what keeps our regular customers coming back again and again. At Murgon Fruit Mart, if it isn’t fresh, we don’t stock it!
We offer Murgon’s best variety of fruit and vegetables, including:
Asian vegetables,Exotic fruits,Mediterranean produce,Organic fruit and vegetables,Great range of fresh and dried culinary herbs
If you are looking for an obscure fresh fruit or vegetable for that special recipe, chances are, we have it sitting on the shelf in our store!
Come in and check out the healthy and delicious range at our green grocer today.

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