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Mattresses are the reason behind your good night’s sleep. An investment in a good mattress can provide you great sleep every night. Maintaining those expensive mattresses is also a difficult task and hence, you must always opt for a professional mattress cleaning service. Your mattress carries a lot of dirt, sweat that comes off your body while you sleep or spend time on the mattress. It’s usually dirtier than what we think it is.

Here are a few tips to keep your mattress’ healthy and clean
– Regular cleaning – Regular wiping and cleaning your mattress is extremely effective in the long run. It means that the germs, bacteria on the surface of the mattress are getting rid of almost every day. However, regular cleaning doesn’t dig deeper and leaves some amount of dirt, dust and other germs on the surface accumulated. There are other methods to clean your mattress thoroughly.
– Deep Vacuum: Vacuuming your mattress will be an excellent way of removing dirt and all the other hidden germs etc. from your mattress. Vacuum cleaning is recommended regularly for mattresses to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene in your surrounding as well. Since you spend most of your time on the mattress, it is crucial to take extra care of it.
– Stain removal: Unfortunately, a lot of times we happen to stain our mattresses, this could happen by spilling of food, or any other liquid/greasy item that leaves a stain on the mattress or even menstruating women might leave blood marks unintentionally on the mattress. These stains can be extremely tough and might not go away easily. Enzyme cleaner comes to the rescue in situations like these. Spray some enzyme cleaner on the affected area and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can also spray it on a cloth and put that on the stain. After 15-20 minutes, remove the cloth and effectively the stain will come out as well.

In other situations, it is usually recommended to involve expert to Professional mattress Cleaning Stieglitz thoroughly and nicely to give you desired results. Professionals at Bullet Cleaners are equipped with the latest technology and all the necessary knowledge required to perform all the cleaning tasks. Call and book an appointment with us today to avail all the exclusive services as well as offers and get 100% satisfactory results guaranteed. We are known for our work all across the city.

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