A proud Australian owned and operated company; KaRaTec is a dedicated and dynamic engineering business providing innovative and rugged power conversion equipment to Australian Industry. Established in 1997 KaRaTec prides itself on delivering Australian made power conversion equipment that is durable, high quality and long lasting. We provide full ongoing support solutions to all of our clients and offer repairs and reconditions services as well. Over the years KaRaTec has developed a comprehensive range of standard DC/DC converters and AC/DC converters/UPS for various industries. In additional, KaRaTec has also developed, in conjunction with our clients, an extensive range of custom power conversion equipment and peripherals. Our business motto is “Total Customer Service.” This means we provide reliable products, swift delivery and unequaled support and service. In cooperation with our clients we provide clear and effective communication to ensure that your needs are met by our experienced manufacturing team. A commitment to only using the best materials, stringent quality control and rigorous testing make KaRaTec an industry leader in custom power conversion equipment. KaRaTec is NOT an importer, all our power products and equipment are manufactured in Australia. We have every confident in our products that we back them up with a 3 years warranty.

KaRaTec Are Industry Leaders in Durable, Australian Made Power Supplies, Custom Made UPS Solutions, Repairs and Servicing. All of KaRaTec’s products are proudly designed and produced here in Australia. There are no off the shelf, imported products. We assess your needs and either recommend a standard product from our range, or a tailor made solution that is the best possible fit for your working environment. In the main we will service your requirement with either our standard range or custom designed products. This could be a totally new solution that caters to your unique specifications, be they electrical or mechanical. Where suitable KaRaTec can also use exiting platforms that can be modified to suit non-standard input and output voltages, additional outputs, voltage adjustment, alarm contacts, add-ons, mechanical options …… etc.

We can also produce complete system solutions that include redundant power rack, DC UPS cabinets or whatever else your project requires. Browse our existing products here or contact us to discuss the best solution for your situation. Industrial scale power conversion is a highly specialised field. Any type of reconditioning or repair must be carried out by technicians who not only have the relevant, specialised knowledge, but also understand how to select the right replacement components for your system.

Failure to use the correct materials, products and components can lead to damaging effects and undesirable downtime. After any repair or reconditioning job, KaRaTec performs extensive verification testing so that you can rest assured that your end product is safe and reliable. All our repairs are backed by our iron clad 6 month guarantee. Of course every system is different so contact us today so that we can give you an idea of pricing and delivery estimates.

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