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Buying or selling property is always a big decision.

Some people might find it stressful – but not us. At Goodman Conveyancing we outline the process for you and then go about making it happen.

We will keep you informed of progress and will happily discuss any questions you have along the way. And you are safe in the knowledge that our fees are set out for you at the start – so there are no unexpected surprises at the end. We love making your property purchase or sale successful for you, and our numerous happy return customers attest to this.


Transferring or Refinancing


I want to transfer my property

You may want to transfer your property for a number of reasons:

  • to comply with a condition of your refinance application
  • to change the ownership structure by adding your spouse, partner or business partner
  • to give your property to a family member or friend
  • to change the property ownership to your business

We can advise the relevant stamp duty applicable depending on the circumstances and ensure the property is transferred as per your instructions in a timely manner.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs, and we can provide you with a solution.

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