Real roses dipped in gold or silver.

At Infinity Rose, we only use the finest, real, hand-picked roses.

Once fully-grown and when these roses are deemed perfect, they go through a lengthy process which includes the application of a clear coating in order to maintain their shape and structural integrity.

Then the electro-plating process starts by adding base layers for strength and then the roses move on for electro-plating in either gold or silver. Many thin layers of these precious metals are added over a period of weeks.

The final products are very strong, considering they started their lives as flowers. They can be handled often and will not break, unless they are mishandled with a lot of pressure or dropped onto hard surfaces.

Our quality control process ensures that every rose is perfect and ready for our customers, and every one of our rose products has a lifetime warranty on defects.

Also, each product comes with an authenticity certificate and if you are not completely satisfied with your Infinity Rose, simply return it within 90 days to your place of purchase for your money back.

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