Conference Series LLC LTD takes immense pleasure in inviting the scientists, researchers, professors, delegates across the continents to its upcoming “10th Molecular Immunology & Immunogenetics Congress” to be held during March 04-05, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain.

Molecular Immunology 2019 is a two days program event that offers a much needed global platform to bring together researchers in all fields of Immunology including Molecular Biology, Genetics, Clinical & Cellular Immunology, Microbiology, Vaccines, Biochemistry, young researchers, students, and industrialists to exchange ideas, communicate and discuss research findings on new advancements in various fields of Immunology. Molecular Immunology will be available to discuss with you the latest issues and Novel Approaches for Immune-mediated Diseases & Advancements in Existing Therapies.

Importance and Scope of Molecular Immunology 2019:

10th Molecular Immunology & Immunogenetics Congress offers a premier forum for discussions and debates, in this fascinating interdisciplinary field of Immunology, Molecular biology, Molecular medicine, Microbiology and Biochemistry which are centralizing & consolidating their respective discoveries and advances

  • Discuss emerging issues in Immunology, Molecular Biology
  • Discuss and apply recent research findings related to Molecular Immunology
  • Reflect on the place of critical developments, research ethics & challenges in Immunology

Online Abstract submission link: https://molecularimmunology.conferenceseries.com/abstract-submission.php

Online Registration link: https://molecularimmunology.conferenceseries.com/registration.php

Contact us:

Clara Diaz

Program Manager

Molecular Immunology 2019

Email: molecularimmunology@immunologyconferences.org

Website: https://molecularimmunology.conferenceseries.com/ 


UK: 44-800-014-8923

USA & Canada: 1-888-843-8169

Australia: 1-800-651-097

France: 0805-080048

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