GetSet Inc works for the youth and the community, helping them to prepare themselves for the future transition into employment scenario across New South Wales. We keep a track of the available employment opportunities, whether apprenticeship or training and successfully pairing the right candidate for it. Simultaneously, we also focus on maximising the completion rates for the employed youth to motivate them with a positive reinforcement.  


OUR SERVICES: Our customised ‘group training solutions’ are created to provide the best career trajectory to students or youth, letting them realise their career goals at an early phase of life. These individuals work within the local community, highly benefiting the local employment scenario and promoting personal upliftment. At GetSet Inc, our mission also includes building confidence in the local community with services in advising, training, upskilling and management of local employment pool, even by part-time and casual arrangements.


  • Group Training Services
  • Youth Mentoring Programs
  • WIN Program
  • Information provided to Apprentices and Trainees
  • Labour Hire Services
  • Recruiting services
  • Work ready workshops
  • Work For The Dole Project Coordination


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