Celebrating 40 Years!!

In October 2015, Lonely Planet came out with their Best In Travel list for 2016. For travellers setting off in the next few months, Lonely Planet singled out our very own Fremantle as seventh in its list of best cities to visit, alongside other international hotspots like Dublin, Mumbai, Nashville and Rome.

First established in 1897 – that’s before Federation even got going – the once thriving markets wound down in the 1950s. In 1975 the Fremantle City Council turned things around, and this November marks 40 years since the refurbishment that turned the Fremantle Markets into the food and shopping mecca it is today.

Fresh Local Produce
There is a huge selection of local produce at Fremantle Markets, sourced from local growers. Our fruit and vegetables are fresh and healthy, with many organically grown, such as the ones sold from the popular Organically Grown Produce. Another popular fresh produce vendor is Long’s Fresh, which is a favorite with the locals, as well as winning the 2012 Best Weekend Market shop at the WA Fresh Produce Retailer of the Year Awards. There are many other fresh fruit and veggie sellers, as well as casual Farmers Market vendors. We also have our very own opera-singing fruit and veggie celebrity: Jack from Shun Yi, who has graced the Be Natural ad. So take your pick, you’re spoilt for choice here!

Indigenous & Independent Products
One of the best things about Fremantle Markets is its dedication to promoting indigenous and independent art and products. The items sold by many of our vendors are original and created by local independent artisans, businesses and crafters. A good example of this is Wendy Binks’ Stunned Emu Designs.
Fremantle Markets is also keen to support ethically sourced indigenous art. For example, our trader, True Blue, sells authentic Aboriginal art, artefacts, boomerangs, didgeridoos and souvenirs by local and Western Australian aboriginal artists, with proceeds of sales going directly to the artists. And you should also come to watch Darren Button’s amazing demonstrations of authentic didgeridoos and the professional boomerang demonstrations at Spinback Boomerangs.

Music & Atmosphere
Fremantle Markets is a launching pad for many successful artists, and who knows, maybe you’ll get to hear the next John Butler on your next visit. Our buskers are legendary and provide one of the many atmospheric aspects that make the market so great. There is a unique feeling of liveliness and artistry within Fremantle Markets, aided by our diverse array of live music and performances. So grab a good coffee or beer, and enjoy!