We are your local fire safety company providing superb fire protection in Northern Rivers. We’ll make sure that your home or business is at 100% fire safety compliance to the highest standards.

Fire Services

From fire safety audit and inspection to fire protection equipment installation and maintenance, we are all you need. We also offer evacuation procedures and onsite fire safety training.

Electrical Test & Tag

Our skilled electricians we’ll make sure that all appliances and equipment are fully operational and safe from potential fire hazards. We can conduct onsite electrical testing and tagging to keep your premises from an electrical fire.

Portable Fire Safety

We’ll supply the right fire extinguishers for your business. We’ll also take care of the installation to assure you of their effectiveness in case of a fire.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

We install and provide routine maintenance on emergency exit lights. We’ll do the necessary fixes to make your emergency exit lights reliable during emergencies.

Additional Details

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