Duchesne, a College in the tradition of the Sacred Heart, was founded in 1937 to provide a safe and nurturing home for young Catholic girls from rural and regional Queensland, embarking on their university studies in Brisbane. The College began with only four students and has grown to 213 students, primarily undergraduates. It is a strong and vibrant community, providing many opportunities for young women to flourish – spiritually, academically and socially.

Duchesne College caters primarily to undergraduate students, accommodating 212 students at capacity. The College focuses on providing opportunities for personal development and academic success in an atmosphere of wise freedom, according to the fifth goal of the charism of the Sisters of the Society of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

Leadership and Personal Development

Residence in College offers many opportunities for the development of leadership skills. All residents are encouraged to play a full and active part in the College community by participating in the many activities or volunteering through joining a committee, convening a sport or taking on a more specific leadership role in third and fourth year, either as a member of the Student Club Executive or as a Resident Assistant. The opportunities offered by College are a great preparation for professional life. The “Becoming a Professional” programme and “Women Speak” series provide exemplary role models for current residents. Duchesne College prides itself on its point of difference in providing a number of opportunities for personal development in support of mental health. Whether it be Yoga, conducted by our resident instructor, or “Art in the Afternoon” to increase mindfulness, or “Mindfulness Mondays” when students have an opportunity to reflect on their spirituality, all add to the range of support Duchesne offers to all students.


To live the Goals of Sacred Heart Education, Mission and Service are key elements of College life and all students are encouraged to participate in this area. Each year, the Service Convenor, working closely with her relevant committees and with College staff, establishes a varied program of social justice and community activities. These include Clean Up Australia Day, packing birthing kits for the Zonta women’s group, Earth Hour, the Inter-College ‘Do It In The Dark’ Competition, attending the local Dawn Service for ANZAC Day, Live Below the Line, 40 Hour Famine, Do It In A Dress, Daffodil Day and the coordination of various fundraisers for a number of charities, including Drought Angels, St Vincent De Paul and RSPCA. In addition, the College has its own chapel.

Duchesne College differs from other Colleges in that we are:

Values Driven, Feminine Focused, We are small, unique and bespoke, A Staff who are gender equitable and intergenerational, Globally Connected through the Society of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

Residential & Pastoral support includes:

Resident Assistants (senior students) provide additional support after hours. These are paid positions and all RAs go through a rigorous selection process. A comprehensive tutorial programme which provides academic support for most courses undertaken at UQ and QUT. There is an Associate Programme for students who wish to participate in an active social campus life and take advantage of the Academic support provided. Progress interviews with a member of Senior Administration team. A secure environment through individual fob entry, night porters and external security guards. Security guard on duty overnight. Security bus runs at night.

Additional Details

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