Our company is the Australian importers/distributors for frosts Knives Mora of Sweden, they have been making knives for centuries. We cater for all your knife & knife sharpening needs, we sell only quality knives, guaranteed.
Our knives are of the highest quality, once you try you won’t want any other brand of knife, our quality is assured.
We know knives.
Allknives stock a great range of knives for all types of users from a tactical knife to kitchen knives.
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for knives for Fishing, Boning, Skinning, Chefs, Butchers, Hunting, Survival, Camping, Scuba Diving and Woodcarving.
You can also buy high-quality sharpening tools to keep all your knives super sharp: supplying one of the best on the market, Nirey Electric knife sharpeners, pre-set for ease of use, sharpen sashimi knives and serrated knives and all your regular knives. Quality knife steels, sharpening stones and more.

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