VitrineMedia (Australia and New Zealand) are LED display and signage specialists, providing world-leading LED displays for retail and real estate. VitrineMedia delivers customized solutions tailored to every point of sale (POS) visual display area, and their expertise covers both internal wall, external window, and mobile display creations designed to illuminate and emphasize a store’s shopfront or message. VitrineMedia has 300 team members worldwide, 12 years of business in the industry, over 3000 installations in Australia alone, and over 40,000 installations globally. The LED displays sold come in a variety of silver and black, are incredibly low voltage, super-bright, and long-lasting with an 80,000-hour guarantee. To provide context, a regular light bulb would use 64KW to produce the same intensity of brightness as the LED displays, however, the displays only use 3.83KW of electricity. Because VitrineMedia’s LED displays are created without an external computer system like some others, you can ensure that the displays are built to last. Simply change the piece of paper inside the display as often as you please – no fussing with electrics. VitrineMedia offers packages for displays to suit your sizing needs, as well as any mounts, stands, and accessories to make your store stand out. They additionally offer a printing service that specializes in printing water-based latex paints which are environmentally friendly, fade-resistant, waterproof, and vibrant, so you can seamlessly create a custom display to make your store remarkable.

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