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Q What is the best way to unblock an outside drain?

When you are unblocking and outside drain, the very first step is to assess what is causing the blockage. You can open up the drain cover- use a gloved hand to check whether there is a blockage right under that area. If the blockage is a deeper, you would have to use an auger or drain snake. In case of a very severe obstruction deep inside the pipe, a water pressure jet would be needed. If this does not solve the problem and tree roots or other stubborn debris are causing the blockage, you would need to hire a licensed plumber for clearing the drain.

Q Who is responsible for clearing a blocked drain on the street?

When you have a drain blockage, if your plumber tells you that the blockage exists on the street and not on your property, it would be the Water Corporation's responsibility to deal with it. Once the plumber has inspected the sewage system and determined that the blockage truly lies outside your lot's boundary, they will call the water corporation and tell them that the blockage exists. The latter will then pay the plumber a specific standard fee for identifying where the blockage is.

Q How dangerous is a gas leak in the house?

Gas leaking into a house is very dangerous. If you smell gas on your property, it might not be straightforward to detect where the exact leakage is. However, this is something you need to get checked without delay. Gas leaking into the house can result in a fire hazard, and you need to get it repaired immediately. However, you must also take some precautionary measures while you are waiting for the gas professionals to come into fix the issue. Turn off the valve on the gas metre on your property while you are waiting for them to arrive at your location.

Q What are the signs of a gas leak in your home ?

When it comes to gas leakage in your home, you need to be very aware of the signs that indicate it. When there is a gas leak, you will detect a distinct smell of rotten eggs. Also, you may hear a hissing sound coming from the pipe where the leakage is. If you have heard this sound and feel there is a leak in a specific pipe, touch it to determine whether it is cold. The low pressure created results in a drop in the temperature within the pipe.

Q How do you reline a pipe ?

ipe relining is a modern technology used for repairing damaged underground pipes. In this process, the pipe will first be cleaned out entirely from inside. After that and epoxy sleeve is inserted into it. This sleeve is then inflated and allowed to sit for a few hours using a specialized technique. After this, the sleeve forms a seamless pipe within the pipe and significantly improves the usability of that feature. Pipe relining technology is an advanced process that a licensed plumbing operator can provide and cover with guarantees.

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