Samurai Karate Club Melbourne, the best karate school in Melbourne offers personal training karate Melbourne. Karate for Kids Melbourne, and self defence classes Melbourne at very affordable prices. Our Vision – We are in the business of transforming the lives of people, so helping them to overcome challenges and obstacles, through long lasting development of their confidence, self-discipline and their ability to defend themselves, in a fun and dynamic environment. Utilising a variety of personal training karate Melbourne platforms however, combined with concentration, mental focus and discipline, will ensure a total conditioning of Body, Mind and Spirit, through competence in our dynamic, strong and effective Self Defence Classes Melbourne system. By diligently working together to reach your full potential, above all will contribute to your significant success within the Martial Arts Melbourne sports Community. For instance Samurai Karate International have been examined to the highest possible level and are qualified in Japan. Certainly our qualified trainers of karate shukokai Melbourne are dedicated to ensuring yourself and or child receive the due care and attention to learn and grow in life skills, values and confidence from the sport. In other words progress is monitored and communicated to you. We have and always will have a long term commitment to the Australian community, that is to say this is evidenced by our state of the art Personal Training Karate Melbourne centres.

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