Reputation Research is a specialist reputation and stakeholder research practice conducted by the most experienced reputation researchers. We use qualitative and quantitative research techniques to enable our clients to understand their reputation, how they are perceived, the expectations of their stakeholders and how those same stakeholders think that client’s reputational shortcomings should be addressed.

Our approach has been proven in over 50 major reputation and stakeholder research studies conducted since 2011.

Our work convinces us, the best reputations emerge when an organisation connects and collaborates with its key stakeholders.

By carefully gathering the rich insights of key stakeholders, we establish perceptions and expectations of your organisation but also extract informed stakeholder guidance on the way forward, informing that collaboration.

Our difference

We work directly with corporate affairs leaders to provide accurate and well-informed insights about their organisation’s reputation. We are accountable directly to those leaders and our work is not complete until they have a clear understanding of their organisation’s reputation and how and why that reputation emerged. We clarify what key stakeholders believe needs to change and how those stakeholders recommend that change should be undertaken.


We are independent of any communications consultancy, our findings the evidence-based product of independent interviews with your key stakeholders.

Specialist reputation and stakeholder research

We only perform reputation and stakeholder research; we do not perform general market research.

Unparalleled reputation research experience

Our research leaders have unparalleled experience in gathering key stakeholder perceptions from individuals with unique, strategic and valued insights. Having completed over 1500 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across diverse sectors, we have interviewed over 300 CEO’s, 500 senior executives as well as diverse stakeholders including Ambassadors, CFMEU leaders, environmentalists, ANC leaders, and think tanks.

Executive level conversations

Our researchers have themselves come from executive level roles and bring strategy experience as a base from which to absorb and interpret the executive interview insights. Our researcher’s role is to listen and probe, to explore issues and opportunities with these senior leaders. The senior leaders themselves respond to this interest from your organisation, they consider this a healthy openness to outside perspectives made all the more genuine by a choice to commission independent research.

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